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Peter Milo
Peter Milo 11 mth

What else should I be applying for?

I've been job hunting on and off for a long while now and I'm just completely spent. I have great experience, I've redone my resume countless times, I've applied to everything I could think of.

The last two jobs I had were sort of dead-end jobs and I know it's making things worse. It's leaving me confused and now I don't even know what I should be applying for.

I think I want to do something in tech, preferably video games, but I don't know what I'm qualified for.

What do you do when you're completely stuck like this?


Kevin Johnson

Never been completely stuck. Good help is always hard to find. Ever heard about the first million? Boss says your first million is always the hardest. When you start at the beginning you can always do it again. Let's assume he's referring to THESE obstacles.
$999,999.00 to go:)
good luck