A loss for words...

Last week I had the best interview of my life. After the interview was over they brought me in to HR for an orientation packet, they photo copied my id and I was asked where I was salary wise. Before I finished the packet, the HR person had to go and said to bring it home with me. The person I interviewed with, said everything would be alright and to give her a call on Wednesday. Again, the HR person said don't worry nothing is wrong, I am just pressed for time. At that time I asked the HR person, should I be worried I did not get the position and she said no, there is nothing to worry about, it is the end of the day and people were waiting to come into her office. As instructed on Wednesday I called and I was asked to call back tomorrow. I called back today and guess what, I was told I did not get the job. I was a bit taken back and asked, is it something I said or did. She replied no, we are interested in someone else. What does that mean? I am perplexed, how do you go from getting the job to no we want someone else?

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