Starting of a great Group!

Hey Everyone, I have a group called Thoughts, Questions and Answers! and pretty much the group is for anyone who have anything on their mind and would like to talk about and get advice from other members in the group, its also a group where you are free to ask any kind of question you would like, if its work related, or personal, and of course I will have other members in the group who will have the answers to your questions including me. This is a positive group and it is open for all members who need help with anything. So if you would like to join, you are free to do so. I will be posting periodically just to check up and see how everyone is doing, but I will mostly be watching in the background just to see how everyone reacts with each other and I also will be working with people with issues about a resume or job and also answering emails. So tell a friend to tell a friend that we are in business and we all are willing to HELP one another!

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