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FedEx Ground
1815 Rustin Ave Ste H
Riverside, CA

Fedex sucks!!

I was a good worker always on task and they fired me just because I didn't put my second last name on my application!!


Keemeit Parker

That's sad to fire you for something like that was that the only reason why. I would call corporate and ask some questions. Don't sit back and say nothing.

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A fellow Jobcaser Point is he LIED...if he lied over his name--what else is Thar??...will he lie at his job??...Something this Simple leads to more complicated matters, unfortunately...would you want someone remodeling yur house, or selling you a car, or babysitting fer ya Kids or Elderly Parents who weren't on de UP & UP.....didn't think so....Why do people make mistakes?? To learn that de God Family is Always Watching--and have NO faster ya learn Honesty is de BEST Policy...regardless of the Will be rewarded with God's Favour....and Blessings will begin to Flow, and yur Cup will Runneth Over......

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It could end up being an identity crisis if they don't know who you really are alway be sure to out down full legal given names same goes if you get pulled over give a different name and you could have the same trouble and same concept i think it's falsifying a document the way they see it

Keicia Powell

It has to be more to the story

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Sorry,we all go through it.It needs to change.

Charlean Hanna

How do you have two last names?? Are you female, or from another country?????? Does this second last name appear on your social security card, drivers license or any other official identification????

Maddi Gemme

My job as a kennel assistant they fired me for getting into a car accident on my way to work

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A fellow Jobcaser

Fedex is a bully. Once they can use you as a puppet they will find that way to get rid of you. Very few managers will back you. Most of them suit are morons. The few that are not move on to other 500 fortune companies. Dont be fooled...all they are and thrive on is what makes them look good on paper.

robert jenkins

Really. What doesn't break you makes you stronger. Keep your head. Don't quit. You will find another job.

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It is not a good idea to bad mouth former bosses regardless if they. are wrong other companies read these types of media and they do get ify about hiring you .

Aaron Digby

Sounds pety

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A fellow Jobcaser

I agree with you. I'm learning disability and they said going in they were willing to work with me but I had to jump through so many Hoops with HR but when it came down to it they treated me like everyone else and want one give me the training that I needed. HR has so many Hoops for you to jump through I don't think they really want to deal with disabilities they just do not want to get sued. I bought them everything they ask for and they still never gave me the special training I was promised. I wouldn't recommend working at FedEx office.

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There is no second last name on apps it's first name middle or initial and then last name wow fed is messed up to think everyone has two last names lol

Deena Parsolano

If your last name is hyphenated, both are your legal last name. So you write or type both into the last name box. What I'd your last name is St. Marie? Would you leave off the St.? No,because it is not your legal name.

Mary Smythe-Smith

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Are you being honest, are telling the truth, because if that is the case, then there is something wrong. I have never heard of such thing.

Anthony Woods

Well damm,they did a background check and his second last name existed. So everything check hired,trained and paid but then looked back into his background and realize there is a second last name!!! Wow!

Patrick Green

What could happen if you call out during your 90 days