Claudia Rubicela Pacheco Vargas

Something I learned at #North Italia Restaurant ...

What I learned working for this restaurant is that when they belonged to Fox chain, they treated employees with so much respect and professionalism. Every time an employee had a request, no questions ask, they just gave what the employee needed and that’s the end of the story. If there was a problem or a concern , they took care of it right away and I was very happy because I felt they care about the employees. Once the Cheesecake Factory took over, it’s like working for McDonald’s. They lost the focus on quality and efficiency and they don’t care about employees anymore, they’re just after the money they can make and don’t train new employees properly. There’s a lot of waist, recipes are not executed properly, the place became messy, but the worst part of all is that you can’t thrust anyone any more because there’s is so much disrespect starting from the GM to the Executive Chef and and the shift leaders, so much back stabbing among them and some of the Ex Chefs are there because they have connections with higher Ex and not because of their talent. It’s like going to a factory just to produce with a terrible salary and people that really deserve an increase of pay have to be begging for it. They have lost a lot of talented cooks, Chefs and employees in general because of the way they were treated . Honestly, I don’t know if that would change because I have talked to employees that transferred from Cheesecake Factory Restaurants to North Italia and said they encounter the same problems there. That’s all I have to say.

9 months ago
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