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ANA Rauzan
Bullet point

When I’m got that job I’m was so happy to work there…they ask me to go to training whole week in first shift on these couple welders and off course I’m was said yes ..then they got employed another girl they got girl from first shift to came in our shift to train her and she was smoker and I’m not lol but she can go out and when ever she want and she talk at her phone every time and couple times am was catch her in bathroom on her phone on video call … she quit her job before thanksgiving and she come back after new year because her sister work in quality control..she come early on work and chose where she want to work so she have all rights to do what ever she wants … I’m sorry butt not sorry so am looked for another job and am got it .. so they can keep her am moving forward to a better place… #stressful #coworkers #advice

over 2 years ago
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