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Hello Michelle,

After a thorough review of your resume, I am pleased to announce that you are offered the position of Virtual Assistant. Your first assignment will begin on September 23rd, 2019. You will report after the completion of each assignment to me via my email, and you will be expected to provide with 6-7 hours of work per week.

The details of the assignment to be carried out from your location from time to time are listed below:


  • Booking for conferences, 

  • Booking for travels 

  • Booking for hotels


All these tasks shall be completed using our licensed application software which will be supplied to you by our independent developer. 


The following skills are required:

  • Good communications skills via Text, Email and Chat.


The pay for this position will be $400 USD per week and $30 will be added to every extra hour. You will be given an assignment per week. This amount will 

be paid by check. Interview is not required for this position as this is a part-time position.

This role will be considered part-time, so you will not be eligible for overtime compensation. The agreement between you and me will be classified as at-will, which means either party may terminate the agreement at any time, for any reason, with or without notice.


If you choose to accept this position, please reply this email with a brief letter of acceptance.



jorge Hernandez

Ace Hardware Corporation

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