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I been living in Texas going on three years now and when I tell ya it's becoming frustrating to live in the United States. I thought America was the land of opportunity where people can spread their wings and flourish. The total unemployment rate is high. Just alone here in Texas is 3.5 percent not bad but not great either. Nowadays employers have temp services doing their dirty work. Corporate America plays by it's own rules on how they want to hire people and on its terms and by doing so they are failing the people. Iam still unemployed as of today not by choice but due to the lack of resources and the shrewd style of government which even if we do have a government but it's just disappointing on all levels that jobless people can't get a fair shake and this is a monumental problem that needs some fixing.

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Lenin Pina

Hey David Mora , I've seen your previous post in the community and want to get a better understanding of your current job search challenges.

You don't have much work history information posted on your profile so I can't get a clear picture of your previous experience and skills but you look like a a good candidate based on the limited info you do have uploaded.

You also keep referring to "Fair". Are you suggesting second chance job opportunity fairness, EEOC, workplace fairness, or another circumstance altogether?

What type of job(s) are you looking for? Have you been getting call backs for interviews? If yes, then how would you describe those interview experiences?

I think we can help overcome any challenges if we're able to understand them better. Please don't get me wrong... connecting with good career orientated job opportunities within todays employment community is challenging for everybody pursuing that goal - BUT possible with the right strategy.

We will be awaiting your response and immediately suggesting an alternative job search strategy suggestion. Thanks & Stay Encouraged!!!