I know you are in desperate need for a job. I have been searching hard myself after my divorce but please be... see more

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Angela I am in the exact same position as you..my whole life I have been in the childcare field and was a certified... see more

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Saying prayers for you. Hopefully, the children's father does not intend to allow them to suffer and will continue... see more

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I would put together a resume. There are many templates online. I would highlight my skills moreso than an... see more

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I agree with Matthew. Highlight your skills, education, even volunteer work, and mom skills (example: patience... see more

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Some sitters or nannies are making 20 to 25 dollars an hour. Your parenting skills should qualify you for sure

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Hi Angela!
I have been a stay at home mother for years as well. However, there are several sites, such as... see more

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Just keep interviewing.

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If you are in the Greater NY City area check Grace Institute at 40 Rector Street in lower Manhattan. They can help... see more

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