I want to start back to work but my body says no.

I had worked at Marsh Furniture for 15 years and 11 months. Then I went around and tried working at different places. My body did the same thing it screamed NO! Because the first place I tried away from Marsh I busted my head open and don't remember any of it. The second place I tried to work there and the same thing happened again then the third and then the fourth. Well you get the idea. So I waited. The time this all happened was 2005- 2006 I think. So move forward to today. I get a part time job with Ralph Lauren a fantastic company to work for and Adecco is a fabulous temp company to work for. I was working good learning quite a bit when after the second week my body does the same again. I was told I had to be carried from the third floor down to the first floor. I am going to try to work part time at Walmart. Can someone tell me how get ready for working?

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