Lifes travels

I've learned through the real & hard way which I feel is the best way only due to my experience but Lord knows I wouldn't wanna see a person learn the way I did because it's a long hard journey. Never stop being who you are don't go and thrive so hard to where you don't even pay attention to the things you've once appreciated? Example like the trees in the neighbourhood that brought shade on hot days or cleaner air in our lungs realize them trees provided so much and been here A lot longer than most listen to the prettiest song ever sang as the morning sun rise begins and nature wakes as the birds sing you know it's a blessed day of life we have to live make it count hold hands more ,say I love you more,or say I'm sorry if a sorry is owed own up to your faults & mistakes it's a lil thing called trial & errors we all make mistakes but not all own up to them? Compliment a stranger who looks as they need one because it changes lives for the better it's a healing of good medicine to show you care. So another words open your eyes start seeing again live love learn all you can appreciate the simple and just do right best of your knowledge never take your job family friends for granted and remember? Life's a short trip vessel make each moment count because not all who'll go to bed tonight will never see another tomorrow! Sadly sayingso now imagine a life that you'll never see them old trees I mentioned in the beginning AGAIN? I hope you understand the moral of my theory or story? Feel that air in your lungs see and appreciate nature's presence do your best never dwell on yesterday, because it's over you can't go back, trust me I tried! Never dwell on what's to come tomorrow because as I said not all is promised another tomorrow? You just live and enjoy the moment your in that's called TODAY live love learn plz don't worry about people who don't like you or talk rumors to hurt or piss you off because if that's all they got to talk about don't hate them piti them and pray for the envious sumbitchs and love the gossip because you got something they must not have so laugh it off & eat it up like catfish! Lol people we are here a short period of time some don't realize how fast time can slip up on your ass then you see in the mirror turn your head in denial then like a fool look again and say DAMN where did time go? Because life is about providing loving and passing on good through all your life's travels because once your gone it's gone 4good but your stories advice the compliments you've said shared wisdom and showed you loved not just family and friends but you loved being among them and with nature strangers you loved living with mankind & mother nature you'll be remembered and your good and advice embrace will keep you alive forever your Biography you've left behind will be cherished by all you've touched. God the creator gavr us free will and common sense & wisdom but it's up to you how you choose to use it? Thanks for your patience hope my theory on my life worldly travels helps atleast one person then I'll know I've done good God bless all and remember seeing is a gift so see what you don't see no more again open your eyes God bless. Darren Clark





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