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Jhema Spriggs
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Customer Service Representative at Conduent

When I first found customer service, I was so bad at meeting all of the metrics but my ability to gain loyal customers, be relatable and build rapport was beyond amazing. I eventually went from almost losing my job to Employee of the month under a different Team Leader who helped coach me and get me to where I need to be. I could not understand how I go to work faithfully and end up as the name at the very bottom of the list, but it was not just me showing up but it was also the influence of another leader that helped me achieve higher than I knew existed. It's easy to say " work is work" when in fact Work is apart of your everyday life, maintain professionalism should be the only "changing up" you should do when at work. I'm not saying to go to work expecting to make friends but go to work expecting to Network and make the workplace a better place for you, your team and ultimately the company. We are impacted by people on a daily basis and we will always be impacted or influenced by those we see on a daily basis which can ultimately have an affect on the fruit of your work or even your work attitude. The Impression you make in the interview should be the You that goes with you everywhere you go and each position you excel to. #wordsofadvice #motivation #inspiration #jobsearch #advice

3 months ago
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Assistant Manager at Sonic Drive In

Very well said