What I loved working at #VulcanMaterialsCompany

The camaraderie, the long term employees who actually ran the plant without the accolades, who happily taught new employees the procedures and policies each individual position held, while lower management took all the credit. The middle management of a fortune 500 company who could not meet quotas or oversee quality control should ask himself why. A college degree and looking at pretty pictures does not over ride the experience of 20 years of labor that ensures pride in the quality of correct grade being delivered without returns. However, when the grade of the product is not delivered by Vulcan, Brownwood Texas, plant it is the laborer that is sacrificed while the middle management continuously take no blame for the plant mistakes that were only to be approved by lower and middle management. It is not a lack of willing, hard working, and capable laborers that hinder plants such as the Brownwood,Vulcan plant. It is lower and middle management who are quick to indignantly yell demanding orders rather than ask with a mutual respect between management and laborers. The constant yelling, threatening and degrading manner in which management speak to laborers is humiliating not to mention illegal. The Brownwood plant manager was aware of the threatening of physical violence toward employees. He did not try to stop it, he joined in, stepped in time with his fellow Marine. Management created an environment they found amusing. They tried to instill fear by threatening violence in many situations. Their only accomplishment was losing 70% of the Brownwood employees. Having a bad day is acceptable, even expected sometimes. Having a behavior pattern which inflicts management's bad days upon every employee possible is ridiculous and shows lack of proper training. Has anybody ever heard of a total quality management class? It is usually a requirement for employees representing a fortune 500 company such as Vulcan. There was a complete and total collapse of communication between laborers and lower/middle management. In my opinion , blue collar workers, laborers, the glue that holds any Vulcan plant together, should be treated with dignity and respect. They should look forward to working everyday and being part of a great team that accomplishes great goals as a team. Employees should not dread arriving to a work environment that pisses them off before they leave the house at 4:30 a.m. to work under ungrateful, hostile and jackass lower/middle management until the end result is a completely combative situation or the employees walks off a job that was maintained for years and had no plans of leaving. Lower/middle management made sure the laborer,the average blue collar Joe would walk off and cause termination. Not speaking unfairly of women, but a grown, blue collar, self respecting man will not tolerate being degraded or disrespected. Lower/middle management ruins the whole and the good of the plant production by sacrificing some of their longest, loyal, and hard working employees for their own amusement. They accept no blame. They merely pass it down and continue the revolving door of employees. When the turnover rate is at 70%, or more, perhaps upper management should start in the middle and not the bottom.




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