I signed up with a temporary agency towards the end of June 2019. They claimed they had a job for me starting July 8. This company according to the agency was hiring 3 drivers to replace the courier service they were using to pick up and deliver their products. They also told me a story about how a driver was hired but went to medical leave at the same time. Then the story evolved to the job closed. I got a funny feeling that they were not telling the truth. They sent me on 3 interviews, the first one the hiring manager didnt show up. The other 2 interviews I thought went well but those companies chose other candidates. Finally the temporary agency had a position for me starting July 22. Almost two weeks later, I had to drive 155 miles from home for this position, but I was put up in a hotel for the duration of the assignment. This lasted a week. The first company's website had its driver position open the entire time. I thought something was fishy about the temporary agency and their stories. So I contacted them and had a productive conversation with them. They indicated they were looking for two drivers and they wanted to replace a temporary employee that would not convert to full time with the company. They had seen my resume and were interested. They explained that they had to hire me though the temporary agency, which I understood. I explained that I had an assignment with the temporary agency that would last 1 to 2 weeks. And then our conversation closed pleasantly. When my assignment ended, which only lasted a week, I called the temporary agency asking for another assignment. The first company called me and said to call the temporary agency and have them set up a meet and greet or interview. They said they looked forward to meeting me. So I informed the temporary agency that the position was still open at the first company. They said they'd communicate with them the next day. They did then the temporary agency got back to me and gave me a different story saying in their conversation the first company they said they were not ready to interview BUT they would interview when they were ready. So I'm totally confused as to who is telling the truth or if the temporary agency might be favoring the temporary employee at the first company. Apparently he won't convert to full time because the temporary agency gives him more hours than the company he was assigned to. That is what the hr representative said to me at the first company. I have another possible driver job with a different regular company in the works. So I am torn between who or what job I'm going to take or ifvI should wait anymore for the temporary agency to get their act together Never felt like I was banging my head to get a job. What should I do? Should I report this to the labor department, state attorney general, better business bureau? I guess I run the risk of losing a job either way in some cases.

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