Job post i saw on a facebook page

I saw a job post on Facebook page am following and i decided to post it for for you all to see;

My name is José Luis David,Empire Company Ltd. We serve the full life cycle of a brand, from the established to the evolving, and to those just getting started.We also support a lot of foster home and public schools.We demonstrate our values through our ethics and compliance policies, workforce and supplier diversity programs, environmental and energy conservation initiatives, and our community relations activities.

We have an immediate opening for the role of an Admin Assistant to head of our zonal admin department from the comfort of your home, should you be interested, we will be more than willing to grant you the position because your resume has shown that you are of credible character and value. It is a 100% stay at home job so location does not matter.

The below stated details are applicable to the position:

Administrative/Clerical duties, supervisions, monitoring and scheduling programs. Making regular contacts and drop-offs. Assisting with payroll and monitoring of financial activities.

Available Position: Admin Assistant.

Job type: Part Time. (full time after one month if you still choose to work for us) Days: 2-3 days a week. Hours: 18 hours weekly. Weekly Pay: $400 (then $1300 weekly after 2 weeks of satisfaction on job execution and dedication)


• AD & D Insurance • 401(k)..(after 3 months with us,plus increase in your weekly pay check) • Free Medicals(after 1 month with us ,plus increase in your weekly pay check)

I will set up a formal interview with you and give you a tour of the Organization and of course bring you up to date on the handling of your duties. You will begin your home office based position immediately when you are employed

John Biddle

That is not a legitimate job offer April. That is a total 100% scam!

John Biddle

Found this online......

Has any one received an email about a job from Empire Company LTD. I received one this morning however I have no record of applying for it and they are asking for my address phone number email and age for a stay at home job. I'm worried it might be a address isn't even a company email it's any help on this matter is appreciated thanks so much

Its a scam! I just got one to from a different email. José Empire Company Ltd.

Dead giveaway because this character is using a g-mail address. Next step he will want you to come onto Google Hang Outs, another dead giveaway they are running a scam sir.