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I need to find a job. Please help!!!


Alyssa Hicks

Hi Marilyn,
Welcome to Jobcase! The first thing you will want to do is take a few minutes to completely fill out your profile. Make sure to include your current location, previous jobs with description, and education. This will help other Jobcasers to send you jobs they run across that might be good for you.

After you have done this, you can use these steps to start your job search:
1.Click on “Jobs & Companies” at the top of the page
2.Enter a job into the search field that says “Position”
3.Click on the blue button to search for that position in your area
4.Once the list is up, click on the title of any you are interested in to apply.
Let me know if you need anymore help!

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A fellow Jobcaser

What do you do? I couldn't tell from your profile

Yvette Lara

Is this message for me

Yvette Lara

I also need a job ASAP