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Keren Boiman
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You look at your life, and if you are not getting what you want, you owe it to yourself to do something differently. Research shows that 85% of people hate their job or are not engaged in their job. If you are doing something 8 hours a day, that you don't like, if it's not giving you what you want, if it's not giving you a strong sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, you owe it to yourself to strategically work to change directions. This doesn't happen overnight; it takes discipline and self-reflection. Discipline to continually ask yourself hard questions, and self-reflection to candidly answer those questions. One simple tactic to figure out if a job you are about to apply for will make you happy is the job fit analysis. It is a simple exercise that helps you objectively put on paper the job description requirements, company culture, and other important factors against your professional background and interest. Check here how its done with examples: #jobsearch #motivation #application #interview #advice

about 2 months ago
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