Age Discrimination is REAL!!

I have been working for the last 3 years in property management. I am 60 years
old, and can't get a permanent position. I have worked for a temp agency, been
told I do fantastic work, but getting a full-time permanent position, I am never
offered. The other evidence is on-line when you apply for these jobs, they are
asking your birth date, and when you graduated from high school/college.
Why does this matter, if you are healthy and willing to work pass 55 years old.
They, I guess, assume you are ill because you are older? Makes no since, if
I work out, look younger than I am, and live a clean life! Wonder how many
young people can live up to that! If you are qualified, and are reliable, and
do a great job, why should that matter?
I will continue to to apply for jobs, and wait for someone who has dealt with
the younger generation, and see that many do not have good work ethics,
in-experience, and some really don't care, they just want a pay check!
Now, it is not fair to say this about all young people, but that does exists.
I can only hope that in the future, because I choose to continue to
work, that I will find an individual that will judge me based on what I can
bring to the table, and not how old I am!

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