I don't believe that! Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Meaing those people are a reflectio of... see more

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Good awesome morning! I think this has probably happened to most of us. Sometimes we think the position is better... see more

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Wow, what do people being different from you have to do with your success? Sad and immature.

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Everyone is different..No 2 people are alike.. There's only 1 person in this world that you need to take care of... see more

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I'm currently in the same situation! I live approximately 7 mins away from my job and I have been there a little... see more

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I worked 5 minutes from home the 3 woman I worked with writer inapropriate. They aleays talked about the... see more

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I agree I have had a similar experience but not I have a job that is good for now with my situation

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Money isn't everything in life sometimes the best things in life are free

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Aw well my first job I had was close to home and one my second day the manager said I was working my last day... see more

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I tottaly understand. Guess you gotta make i+

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