I Need Advice

So I need anyone's opinion on this. I have two jobs lined up one I started this week and the other I'm supposed to start on December 2nd if I dont like the first one. I have an extensive background in Mechanical ,Troubleshooting and Maintenance

The first one is pretty much Repairing grocery carts and Equipment inside of a Retail store at 19 an hour with a company truck and a company phone. My previous experience overpasses this job by far but its income.

The second one is a Commercial Roofing company and they want me to be an advisor for them at 50k a year with a Company phone and a Company car paid training for a week in another state but the only issue I feel like this one has is they dont pay for expenses till after 1 year of employment as far as food goes.

I'm stuck in a rut I keep looking for work seeing if something better comes along.

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