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Glenda Bailey Andrews
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Hardworking Trainer looking for a long term career.

It amazes me how so many people are unemployed but Unemployment excuse is their receiving a lot of calls. How about hiring some of the people who are qualified to work for them to reduce the % of people who are unemployed and able to assist more people. This is just butt backwards, and employers should be looking to train people more rather expecting them to come in the door with all the experience. This country is hurting and it seems unfortunate and wrong. People are trying to find any kind of work at this point and its ridiculous. I see why people are leaving the country and living overseas. Less mess and cheaper.

California gas is over $4.00 a gallon, and everything else is going up, but minimum wages and even those paying anything less than 25.00 an hour might as well get a basket from a store and live homeless or just leave the state. #leavingcali #homeless # unemploymentisajoke

almost 3 years ago
Luis Morales
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Auto Detailer at Rj Burne Cadillac

I agree 💯 especially a hard working man like my self I work every day of my life I have lost jobs because the people who they give the power to bark order and they don’t no how to even do there job correctly when I lost jobs because of it and filled for unemployment I received mail from unemployment saying there’s having trouble with my ssn.they didn’t even tried to correct the problem it’s truly sad what this world is coming to