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Janice Ritchie
about 2 months ago
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Lynn Abuseini

Walmart treats their employees good. The people that works there is the one bad, not Walmart. Some employees, supervisors, even managers but they are not Walmart. They just work there at Walmart but you see those kind of people in every workplace. They are the one that don't treat their employees right. I have been working for Walmart for 8 years now, and as far as I'm concern Walmart gives me the benefits that I need as am employee and more. I don't understand why people always say Walmart don't treat their employees right. In my experience Walmart is not bad, it's the people that works there like the lazy supervisor who just walks around pretending their doing something. You see that in other places too. It doesn't matter where you work, there's always those kind of people. Bad part is, sometimes they can be your direct supervisor or direct manager. But you learn to deal with it as long as you get paid, and you get the benefits that's important to you and your family. Like 4 years college scholarship for your kids, or 4 years bachelor's degree for yourself, and so on, etc. The list goes on... that's just a few I mention. My daughter is a Walmart scholarship recipient and she's graduating soon with her bachelor's degree from a university here in Chicago. I'm back to school pursuing my bachelor's degree in business administration with concentration in accounting and human resource management, this is my second year at the university; and Walmart pays 100% of my tuition and books. Learning to deal with these kind of coworkers and bosses is all I can do to keep me sane and make life at Walmart easier. I just think about all the good benefits I receive for working at Walmart.

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