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This is an issue I think is always worthwhile coming back to under different forms.

From my small company recruiter experience, I think these are the points I see as most important:

1 - Showcasing past achievements: Most applicants always limit themselves to just saying their past experience. I find this is all just goody goody talk. I think that as applicants we need to demonstrate our best past successes by explaining how we did it and what were the results and also bringing or attaching data proof whenever possible.

2 - Customizing the resume to the role: Guys if you send a resume only minutes after a job post appears, from a recruiter standpoint it's not even worth reviewing it... because its impossible that you customized or bothered to learn something about the company.

3 - Use ATS I find companies are not realizing how much of a false positive this is but unfortunately damm thing is out there so if you dont prescreen your resume it can easily be discarded despite you being a super value.

4 -Avoid Self-labelling: Folks saying that you are confident you can add value to the team or you are the best fit or that you can change things head over heels is only your self-confidence. When I see this it goes directly to resumes heaven. Again, we all need to prove our value by explaining our best achievements plus the way we write or other pluses. It's the recruiter that needs to be convinced and begin to have that confidence in you...

5 - Avoid cookie-cutter lines that mean absolutely nothing... Saying some overused expressions like " I'm passionate about", " I'm an effective customer service representative" I find it shows a lack of originality and thus, of genuine interest in a role. Given that 99% of applicants use these words, using authentic expressions it can surely positively impact any recruiter. You can say things like "my drill in life" "what truly makes me tick", "I feel wholesome when"

6 - Use a Cover Letter: It allows you to explain some key achievements and show your personality. Why not use a video ora audio format.

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7 months ago
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