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Elizabeth Yale
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Home Health Aid at Progressive Health Inc

I have worked in food and beverage, medical, warehouse and security. . My current issue is I really am interested in a driving job at the moment. Preferably something dayshift, where I can pick my truck/vehicle up at the start of my shift and be on the road for majority of the day without having to return to the restaurant or the store to retrieve my next order. My issue I am running into is I don't have any driving experience. How am I supposed to get experience if no one will hire me without experience?? Please send and tips you have for me my way as in in pa and at a career hault due to lack of interest... #advice #application #noexperiance #career #unsure #growingup #adult #forever #work #help #drivers #

about 1 year ago
Armani Colón
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Senior Verification/Customer Service/Outreach Agent at VGW (Virtual Gaming Worlds) - LuckyLand Slots

@Elizabeth Yale Hello Elizabeth, have you ever considered doing UberEats or DoorDash style work to get some driving experience? I know it may not necessarily be in line with what you’re hoping to do, but you proving to employers that you can be on the rod with little to no issues is a great first step in showing them that you are a competent and safe driver.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have anymore questions and good luck! 👍🏼