Mary Godino

What made me stay at #North Texas State Hospital was

I stayed because I liked my job. I retired because I had two supervisors that made my life a living Hell. Not just mine but every women working in our department. They had already managed to fire one, one got smart and bid out, the other was out on medical leave, and I had wrote grievances to Austin. So they were finding reasons to write me up. I then went to the Director of Security (which was their boss), and he said that I was exaggerating and blowing the whole thing out of proportion. Then came the offers of leave absence that I didn't need. When the response to the grievances came back unwarranted and both supervisors tried to bully me into signing a paper stating that I was being fired due to tardiness. I became pretty 😡 After 22 years of service, & all of sudden this? No, I am not signing anything! As of that moment I retired. Hell no!! I wasn't going to let them fire me and me lose all my benefits!!!! And yes I had a lot of choice words for them. That's the only reason I left my job, otherwise I would probably still be there. I hear that Security now has a new Supervisor it is a female. She & I came up in the ranks. She will be a wonderful asset to Security group.

about 1 year ago
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