Just laid off in May of 2019 and needing some honest advice on a few things

I need some much needed honest advice. I have just been laid off after working for over 5 years as a: Field/Onsite/Remote Advanced Technology Support Specialistat at a large IT Managed Services provider, and I provided: Onsite and Field computer, printer, and point of sale technical support for large corporate companies and small/medium environments. I am getting back into my job search and job hunting once again and need some honest advice on a few important things:

  1. Since being laid off I have been on a few interviews. The main problem I have during interviewing is if I get asked a number of technical questions dealing with the position. I either don’t know the answer to these questions and I have to come up with an answer “on the fly”. Usually, I tend to do rather well with Behavioral type questions because it seems I can “bs” my way around them and tell them “what they want to hear”. However when it comes to technical questions having to do with a specific program or tool I will be using for the position I am interviewing for, is where I freeze up and draw a blank with my answers: Mainly because I honestly don’t know the answer to what the interviewer is asking me and therefore don’t really know how to “bs” my way around it.
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