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over 1 year ago

Pre-school Lead Teacher/Director I, II Certified

I love working with Family and children, were I worked before they had issues with experienced teachers that they thought your there to take there jobs, or be there to spy on others for your employers...listen there is something about me you need to know I follow policies and procedures, men people have to grow up. Go get educated in order to work with children the correct motto is no matter how many children your personal life have, you as a parent still need a to know early education programs. So I get so very frustrated with this small school of 40 children, when the count of children goes down they laid-off Teachers but still have a posting to hire teachers, instead of keeping them cause that count of children will start bouncing back up in a few months they re-post the hire status instead of calling back the teachers that just got laid off. which now the situation is over ratio children with no teachers!! this really kills me...some organizations don't like change, or think well!!

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