Finally got a full-time job

I was terminated from my last full time job about a year ago. I was quite depressed at the time. I got unemployment and did countless job search activities. Eventually, an email I got from Jobcase led me to a part time job. It was enough to pay my bills, but not enough to really save any money. A couple weeks ago, I got an email from my regional manager. It just said “call me tomorrow”. I was nervous. Why did he want to talk to me. The next day we talked. He told me, based on our talks where I indicated I wanted more hours, he was going to refer me to a woman about a full time position. I applied for three different shifts. Today, I got a notice that I had gotten one of them. Finally, after eleven long months I have another full time job. It starts March 18th. All the thanks go to God, whom I prayed to not nearly enough. I am so relieved and just wanted to say thanks to everyone out there and good luck to everyone in their job searches. Never give up.




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