Ryan Kompa

Social Imprints has so much potential, but sadly I can not tell you anything other than STAY AWAY. The owner is the downfall and demise of Social Imprints. He is an arrogant spoiled, rude child that is and has been sued more times than he can likely remember. There are a lot of great people that have dedicated themselves to SI, including myself for 5 years, just to end up leaving or being unlawfully terminated. The hard part to deal with is no matter what anyone says he just doesn't listen. He believes he is above everyone. You can have documentation proving him wrong and he won't even acknowledge it. He is a spoiled little brat. He would walk around the warehouse and just stop and look at someone and say " do you like my shirt? Do you have any idea how much this cost?" In the 5 years I was there we went through 4 HR managers who ALL quit because of all the inappropriate things he would say. I believe at least one if not 2 if them filed suit against him as well, but not 100% for sure about that. I can't tell you strongly enough to stay away. This is not about a vendetta or revenge of any sort. This is honestly answering the question put forth and to save you the frustration. Out of 30-40 employees average there are maybe 7 that were there when I started and left. Turnover rate is ridiculous due to the fact that people quit or get unlawfully terminated because of the actions of the owner.

about 2 months ago
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