What was your first job??

I was talking with my little cousin last night, and he told me he's looking for his #FirstJob - exciting, right?! He was asking for advice and wanted to know my opinion on where he should work.

My advice to him was:

  1. Stay confident
  2. Ask questions
  3. Be early
  4. Work hard

It got me thinking about where I've been since joining the workforce. I now work as a Community Specialist here at Jobcase - but it was quite a journey to get here!!

I started babysitting at age 12 for family friends. But, my first job that wasn't an under the table gig was as a birthday party host at a laser tag arena.

It was such a fun job, and I learned so much. To this day, I'm still friends with a few folks from there!

What was your FIRST job?!

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