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Brittany Brady
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Owner of fashion e-commerce site

Working in the retail world, we've definitely heard our fair share of NO's from customers. Here's a list of some common sales objections and tactics that can be used to convince customers otherwise:

  1. PRICE IS TOO HIGH: Emphasize the quality and durability of the product. It's likely they will save money down the road by investing in a product that will withstand time, rather than purchasing multiple items with poor quality. Suggest how the product could imporve certain aspects of the customer's life.

  2. I NEED TO TALK TO MY PARTNER FIRST: You don't want to step on any toes or encourage any decisions that might provoke a fight, but try to anticipate possible objections from the partner.

  3. I'VE SEEN IT CHEAPER SOMEWHERE ELSE: Remind the customer about the costs of shipping and also the potential wait times to receive orders. Also, by purchasing in-store the risk of e-commerce fraud is significantly reduced. After going through pandemic we quickly learned just HOW important small businesses are!

  4. I NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT: In order to establish trust here, it's important not to add stress and anxiety to the customer. Gently remind the customer of the benefits this product could provide them. Only emphasize urgency if there's a temporary sale or if the product is selling through quickly.

  5. I DON'T REALLY NEED IT: Depending on the type of store and what is able to be offered, this is the moment when customers should be encourage to try it before they buy it. Samples, free trials, and demos are a great way to convince the customer they actually DO need the product. If these aren't able to be offered, suggest that the customer sleeps on their decision and give them your information to contact you with any questions or concerns.

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2 months ago
Phoebe Montrie
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✨A Bartender, Who Loves Customer Service & Helping Others!✨

Fantastic tips @Brittany Brady! These are really practical ways to handle these issues also! It takes real practice to meet rejection from a customer with a pivot that makes the sale. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this! 💖