One mistake.

I am a 31 year old who has not had a job since 2015, and that one i had only lasted four months at McDonald's because I quite with out telling them, i stopped showing up because they would not take a stomach infection serious. In 2010 i was fired from my first job (another McDonalds) that i held four four and half years ( violation of company police.) I was still working when i was cough with merchandise in my purse, and because my face was looking up at the cameras like a deer in the brightness of headlights on a car, i was also accused of a previous theft. It was in 2008 or 2009 when after i got out of work i went to go to Target with a friend and asked her to hold onto my purse (i didn't like taking bags into the restroom) and when i got out i met her near the movies and books. I took my purse back not realizing it was heavier, because i carry a lot of stuff in my purses, sometimes i am know to have a book or two in my bag. I was just leaving the check out when i had three employers bar my way and grab my shoulder roughly asking if i like lord of the rings... i was creeped out, and my friend had already left me cause she was only on break at the time... The people who cornered me brought me into a back room and showed me pictures of myself making faces at the cameras like a fool and then said they needed to see my purse. i gave it over and they took everything out and i seen that some dvds not in a case were there.. they asked me why i took them and i told them that i didn't know what they were talking about and so they called the cops so i got a ticked and was given a court date. I had chance to clear my record, if i followed the program, which was a retail fraud class (only one day,) 6 month probation without trouble, 20 hours of community service. i did every thing i needed to but all of the hours of community service, because i was working and going to school at the same time i didn't have the time, my probation officer didn't care at all and violated me so i never cleared my name, so now i am stuck with a Misdemeanor retail fraud 3rd degree. I can fill out application after application but as soon as they run a background check then i am taken off there list of potential employees without even asked me about what happen 10-11 years ago. I stay with my best friend on her couch because if i didn't have such a good friend i could be very much be on the street again. I used to say i need a job which is true i do, but not only do i need a job, i really want a job. I want to be able to over come my feelings of self doubt, hate, and worthlessness/ uselessness. I want to be able to be a person again that I can be proud of once again.

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