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Fred Goff
CEO and Founder of Jobcase
about 2 months ago

Getting bigger so we can get better!

Jobcase grew what we call our ‘reach’ today. We bought another company that has some really good job matching technology, manages job boards, and manages job search results on many third party sites around the internet.
What does this mean for you? It means that we are establishing a network that when you update your info on Jobcase you can eventually leverage it everywhere (expanding today is a good step forward). It means we should get a bit better at getting those career alerts better matched for you. It means that more employers will want to get their very best openings into our world first because our scale demands it. And it means that we can leverage that scale to advocate for worker values and stakeholder capitalism in board rooms and that we will have a stronger voice in doing so. We say that our mission is to empower workers. What that means is that we think navigating work life should be easier and we know that if you lean into the trends that might seem scary - artificial intelligence, 1099 vs. w2 jobs, frequent job changes,, etc - that you can actually achieve way more - not less. Our community and tools should make that easier and help you be more successful. And we should take any corporate wide success and use it to advocate for workers.
It’s a journey.
(Although prob not overnight one- so thank you thank you for your patience on any shortcomings as we race to continue to improve product, experience and scale).

I am so appreciative that you are a Jobcaser! We truly are stronger together. And with 30 new employees that can amplify the power of Jobcase and expand our network, the probability of us achieving our aspirations for you and for workers everywhere just got a bit stronger. #strongertogether #onwardandUPWARD

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