Landing the job

I have for a long time worked with staffing services and Temp agencies.
These are great resources to get back into the work field and allows you to develop more job skills as well as being flexible. I recently have been going through a career change. I was wanting something less labor intensive than loading freight trucks and more challenging. So I started putting my resume out there. At first it was like wow no one is biting. So I sat down looking over my resume and started asking myself exactly what I wanted to do. Do I want to go into the medical field, do more of the warehouse that I have been doing for the last 37 years? So I started checking out the job sights and looking at the comments and the advice people were exchanging. In all the commentary it always came back to the same bottomline. Streamline your resume for the position you are seeking. So with that in mind I went to my generic resume and started doing just that. For each job I was applying for I focused on the key words of the job . The job title and the specific skills. Once I took this approach I started sending out resumes to employers, just a few at first to see how it went. In the first week I got more than 40 employers to actually see my resume and 6 job interviews. I am happy to say I did finally land a job I want to do as a TV technician for a major Television service provider. So yes my friends it is about how you market yourself and how far are you willing to go to get the job. In this case I am willing to travel 90 minutes each way to work and if need be I am willing to relocate. But what sold them to take a look at me in the first place was my resume.

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