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nicole clewley
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Let me start off by saying that I love the company I worked for. It was in elder care. I got a job working under someone in the kitchen. I should not have tried for the job since my soon to be boss was already hitting on me during the first interview. I figured it was nothing and I let it go. He called me back in and said I needed to do a couple more things and was again hitting on me. When I was to return to meet him with the remaining requirements for the job I took my husband with me. This made my boss angry with me and he began treating me bad. This was all before I was hired. When I got the job he gave me a few shirts of the company that I was to wear while working. He said he personally was going to buy a certain pair of shoes then proceeded to give me HIS apron. I thought nothing of it since I was new. I simply thought I was borrowing it until I got my plastic ones as he said I would. Throughout my shift he would call me babe and momma and continuously touch me. This made me very uncomfortable. I was asked by coworkers if him and I were together or not which I replied no and that I am married. At the end of my shift he told me to keep his apron and everyone was shocked. The second day was somewhat normal but then he began calling me babe and momma and touching me every chance he got. This time I was a bit slow in my work as I was in pain but I was pushing through it. At the end of the shift he put his arms around me and kissed me. I turned and he got my cheek instead of my mouth. He said the following week I would be with him and come in and leave with him so I can do everything the way he said to. Keep in mind this was day two. I still hadn’t been trained. My third day there everything I did upset him because I wasn’t yes sir no sir like I had been. I was very I’ll and even threw up. When I came out of the bathroom he was talking about me to a couple of my coworkers saying that I am only helping out and I’m not employed nor trained. That I wouldn’t be there for long. I didn’t leave. Still not feeling well I had swelled up pretty bad when I went on my lunch break. My sugar was low and I couldn’t walk. I put my feet up and I rested and thought about leaving as one of my coworkers told me I should rest. That I didn’t look well. Before my break was over my boss came in to check on me. I told him I was sick. He said well that sucks but our day just started and there’s a lot to do so let’s go. I moved about two feet a minute because I was swollen and in pain. He knew this. When I went in the kitchen after break I caught him yet again talking about me to another staff member. This upset me so much that I was about to walk out. I stayed for my coworkers who would be stuck with extra work and I know what that is like. It was hard to move around but I did everything he asked with the yes sir right away sir. Throughout my shift he proceeded to scream at me for everything. He sent me to do many tasks and got angry that the dishes had piled up. If I stayed on dishes instead of running his errands they would have been done. Ok, so I cried and went back to work. I cleaned the area extremely well and went to the dining room to help set up for the next day. He was so angry I was not by him that he screamed at me to get in fn kitchen. Wtf was I doing in the dining room. My coworker told me I should leave. She asked if he was an abusive boyfriend or ex to me. I let her know that I had only met him during my interview and I broke down and told her how he was treating me. She told me he had done the same to her. We both have ptsd and can’t function when someone is being abusive to us. She mentioned that I need to get away from him as soon as possible and not come back. She mentioned he had done this to others as well and 4 or 5 people left because of his behavior. Once he cursed at me I couldn’t function at all. I was terrified of him. I was shaking badly. After he left for the night I had an hour longer to reflect on everything and realized that for the same pay I could get a job where I wasn’t treated this way. I finished out my shift and did not go back. Also the company had an outbreak of Covid cases and no one let me know until I was already around them. Had I known this I would have never taken the job. Sometimes your health and well-being matters more. You’ll find a job where even if your boss is hard on you they don’t grope, scream, or curse at you. After my shift on the last day I went to my husbands friends house as we were hanging out. I told him everything that was happening and he helped me come to the decision of loving myself enough not to take abuse from someone even if I love my job. Turns out he is also an attorney so wrote the company on my behalf to let them know what was going on and that it needed to be dealt with properly and promptly and that I would no longer be returning. Be careful who you work for seriously. The company is wonderful and have amazing reviews but this person will surely bring them down. #harassment #selflove #becareful #nightmare

over 2 years ago
Janice Reed
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Community Specialist

So sorry to hear that. What a traumatic experience. Are you looking for new opportunities? How can we support your transition?