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over 1 year ago

employment records and resume building

does anyone have any information that could help help me gain access to my employment records from the state which states do I have to pay a modest fee I disagree with that I believe my records should be available to me for free anybody have any resources available to share that can help me any and all tips would be appreciated thank you all

In case you're wondering this is what I have lost this is why I'm not who I used to be I used to be a whole man with a goals and dreams it was taken from me and I want to be a I want to be able to do something with my life and try to have a chance at living a full life i lost my daughter to sids then i lost it all. My mind. Motivation. Everything.
But I I've learned the most possible if anybody could from it and now I'm ready but I healed emotionally and I'm ready I will succeed I will not stop till I see myself succeed so greatly i want to prove to myself and everyone who doubted that I could and will begin again a new man with goals never ending until I've regained it all and more. Success is a mind state and I have that healthy life again with intentions to live life fully again!

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