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Check out the following tips to help you land a job this holiday season!

- Don’t slow down
It's important as the holidays draw near NOT to put your job searching on pause. Employers are hiring NOW more than ever and there may even be less competition from other job seekers this time of year. Check out these 8 companies who are hiring.

- A perfect time to network
If there is a holiday party or event when you can connect with people who can help your job search, make sure to attend! Don’t be shy either. Many people will be pleased to have the opportunity to pay it forward by helping you, especially during the season of giving. Consider making a business card with your contact info so you can give it to the people you meet at networking events and holiday parties. You can even print this information on a piece of paper and cut it out. It doesn't need to be fancy to be impactful! Also be sure to have your elevator pitch ready so you can quickly share information about your experience and background!

- Consider sending a greeting card
Who doesn't love receiving a card this time of year? Send a simple Happy Holidays greeting card to your networking contacts, recruiters, and to employers, you have interviewed with. It’s a great personalized way to reconnect with those who can help with your job search and say Hey, remember me? You never know when a position may have opened up, so why not? Make sure to slip your contact info in as well as tell them who you are.

Best of luck with your job search and remember to stay positive, and don't those holiday blues get you down! If you are feeling alone during your job search check out the great advice in Anthony Harrington's post

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