Aaron Tang
3 months ago

Aaron tang

I’m looking for a job during this pandemic. In Phoenix Arizona . I am 15 years old. #foodservices #firstjob

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Lenin Pina

Hi Aaron,

Welcome to Jobcase!

Summer employment opportunities this season are going to be limited, therefore highly competitive, so be prepared to bring your ‘A Game’ in order to stand out among the other job seekers in the application pools.

The Good News is that there are still some local job opportunities available for minors/teems if you're willing to pursue them.

Before you apply for jobs make sure you meet the your states minor work permit and age certification standards. Your school administrator can supply you with the forms or check out the US Department of Labor's website https://www.dol.gov for more information on where you can find downloadable forms.

When your ready to apply, check out this recent article we published with an updated list of local and national hiring opportunities, see Jobs for teens - who is hiring now?. The list has a few immediate job options to help you get started with your job search but you're also welcome to reach back out to us at any time if you have any questions.

Best of Luck to you this Summer & Please Stay Safe :-)