Maureen Hilderbrand
about 1 year ago

So about our Resume

Words for thought: SME, guru, expert, hard worker, seasoned manager, influential leader, thinking outside the box, creative thinking, results-oriented, passionate, amazing, responsibilities.

What they have in common, they show up on many resumes, and are considered cliches and will do more to hurt you than to help you get an interview for that job you want. Some of the biggest mistakes people at all levels make, that help the resumes hit the circular basket or just get deleted. I have listed below. Responsibilities instead of listing what they achieved. The issue is with a list of responsibilities is that it is what you are supposed to do. The person reading the resume needs to know what did you really do. Email address a two for one. Make sure your email address is straightforward and sounds professional, not a funny, mean, crass one. And on your resume do not write email and then address, or phone and then number. If you write out your email address it is a given they will know what it is.

Put in blocks of information, not one ongoing paragraph.

If the job has specific skills listed in the qualifications area. If you do not meet them at a minimum. Do not apply for job, chances are high you will never hear anything back.

Too much history about past jobs and or education that in no way relates to job being applied. Example for education only indicate the most recent. If you have a 4-year degree, you should not be listing, for example, an associate degree or high school degree. For jobs nothing older than 15 years. Even if at same company and or just list the name of the company.

Many people who read resumes say they would still interview someone who made some basic grammar mistakes. But if there are a number of typos those they do not interview. The reasoning was not enough proofreading was done prior to sending in.

Remember while it is quite a bit of extra work, there is no such thing as one resume fits for all jobs.

Good Luck everyone.

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Elyssa Duncan

Hi Maureen Hilderbrand ! Thank you so much for posting to the community. This is all fantastic advice. I think this is a very insightful breakdown of what info to have on your resume and the importance of having tailored resumes for specific jobs!