I work by butt off at my job and they decided to call me December 31,2018 on my way home from a family trip to my hometown to see my family. The office lady as the balls to calls me and tell me I’m fired and couldn’t give me a real reason. Just tells me they have to let me go. I worked my butt off to make sure that all my customers left with what they needed or came for. I always helped in any department they needed. I worked for Harley Davidson in Biloxi. Working for Harley Davidson has always been a dream of mine and being let go for no reason broke my heart. I have not been able to find a job no matter how hard I try or where I apply I’m 25 and a single mom. I have an amazing customer service attitude and always strive to do my best with everything I do. It’s heart crushing to know I can’t find work and that I’m about to loose everything I worked so hard for. The office lady that fired me had the audacity to text me telling me she hopes for the best and that I can keep in touch if I need too. My mind is blown.
Thanks for listening to my rant

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