Life is forgiving

I just I just turned 57 and decided to walk out of my job. The place I worked treated people like crap they didn't pay unless you were family and anyone started got the worst jobs in pretty much were made to stay there making nothing or quit I've never left a job in my life I finally couldn't take it anymore. the deer walked out I thought was the best day of my life well it's been 4 months I'm looking, being depressed, I'm trying to survive I finally turned the corner this week head for good interviews two offers and this received a third that is going to pretty much put me better than I've ever been in my life all I want to say is never quit just keep looking to stay happy and rely on your friends. Keep your spirits up, keep looking, and call me I'm in charge of hiring for new company and give me a month to get settled you give me a call I'll talk to you have a wonderful day move on.

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