Virgil Preston

Hello job seekers,if you seek a trucking trainee course don't F with CRST.I did them in 2015 and passed all requirements.on my final day of 28 day training period with my trainer we were on our way from Memphis,stopped at a truck stop to take a break.while there,my trainer had gone to restroom,I got out and was doing pretrip walk around my truck I passed out,due to dehydration fell and broke my jaw.i was out for 5 months,before doctor released me.i called to see about going back to work,and go solo,I could not get in touch with my recruiter,they did not return calls,dispatcher wouldn't talk to I did not get chance to start a career I earned,my trainer had passed me on my training,and went over it with me,signed off.they breached contract,got nerve to say I owe them because they overpaid my worker comp.really,after the government had paid

about 1 month ago
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