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Nur Yunlu
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I’m sharing with you restaurant terminology. Don’t feel alienated when you start your new career in a restaurant.

86 –To cut something from the dish or the restaurant has run out of a particular item.

Behind – A quick way to let your coworkers and guests know that you are near them to prevent any tripping accidents.

Bev Nap – A small square napkin for drinks.

BOH – Back of House – The back of the restaurant, the kitchen and storage areas where the cooks, preps, and dishwashers primarily work.

Corner – Direction that staff give when turning a corner to avoid collision.

Cut – When a server has been cut from taking more tables.

Double – Refers to a waiter or waitress shift when they work two shifts in a row.

Expo – Person in charge of organizing the food prior to it leaving the kitchen. They tend to prep the plates and make sure the meal is complete and the presentation looks good.

Fire it – Order given to start prepping food. “Fire those steaks.”

Fly – Shorthand for “poultry” in your walk-in cooler.

FOH – Front of House – This refers to the bar and dining room – any part of the restaurant that the guests can see.

In the Weeds – Overwhelmed; busy; see also: spinning.

Please, share your experience with us. ✨👇🏻

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