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I always love to support companies that DO the right thing.

I was happy to read that Fritolay not only supports but empowers individuals with disabilities as employees AND in the job application process.

They state that "We believe evaluations should be based on merits and performance, so you can grow your career with us in ways that are unique to you."

Their program EnAble provides resources for associates with different abilities, as well as those that care for them.This can include technology-based productivity tools, education, and more. Through volunteerism and community fundraising events, EnAble raises awareness of the needs of persons with different abilities and the value they bring to Fritolay and our communities.

Below are just a few examples for reasonable accommodations during the application process so you can focus on your abilities and not what may be holding you back.

  • Extended interview time
  • Sign language interpreter
  • CART Services
  • Assistive technology such as a screen reader or braille keyboard
  • Longer breaks between interviews
  • ...and more

Be sure to visit our disability topic

AND check out how to get started with Fritolay.

Do you know someone with a disability that is having a hard time finding work? Be sure to click the share button and send this info over to them!

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over 1 year ago

Sorry for that .This is a great opportunity.. my granddaughter work for them and she says they are the best company to work for as the benefit package covers just about everything shes been there about 7 yrs. I think she started when she was 17.but I stand corrected.


WOW Thanks I've always wanted to work there but ....I heard a longtime ago that you get to eat all the rejected peices ......ha ha ha ha ha!!