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How to Start a Career as a Web Developer

Internet leads our life today giving us possibly all we need, so why not to make it a source of our income? Every webpage we go through on the internet has a person behind it who created it both in terms of design and integration. That person is a web developer who builds all website whether it is fashion, food, health, gifts, or any other field. According to analytical essays on employment, this profession is popular now. And if you have ever wondered how websites are made or function, you are halfway there. Starting a career as a web developer is not that difficult even if you have not earned a proper degree. But let us just first understand who really web developers are and what do they need to do to create a site.

Web developers are either provided a plan of a website or have to come up of the one on their own and think of layout, design, color, and coding to create a webpage. Another commonly used phrase for website developers is programmers but that often sound too technical, and thus people run away thinking that it may be some impossible task. There are certain levels of development that you as a developer need to know.

Front level development or front end of a page that is visible to all audience deals with layout, design, color, etc and requires developer languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. To learn front end developing is a smart way of entering internet technology field if you are not already part of it. Some of the famous businesses were started as front end development help, and now they have their own companies or work as freelancers to earn competitively higher salaries.

Then the backstage work comes that may not be visible to the user but plays a crucial role in the success of any page. Back End developers deal with the server, programming language, and develop the final output for the front page so it can work as HTML on your computer.

Lastly, web developers who can do both front and back end of the page are usually the programmers who can deal with both design and coding. They are also known as the full stack developers in the industry. You can decide to deal either with the front end or back end or both depending on the time you can spare and your inclination.

And once you have decided to create awesome websites you can do the following to begin your official career as a web developer:

1. Choose the area

Undermining any task is not a good idea, you can become a website creator, but you need to take it seriously. Study all the aspects of page creation and then decide which facet do you prefer or feel inclined toward learning. Your decision may depend on the easiness of the task, complexity of it, or the salary it may get you. If you are thinking of long term benefits, you may need to master all over the period but not at once. Because not getting exceptionally good at some skill and doing too many things in a mediocre way is worse and will not benefit you in your career. So if you have made up your mind about dealing with the front end, coding or all, start working for it.

2. Get equipped for what you choose

You may not need a formal degree for starting a career in website development, but you will still require some formal qualification. Big companies, clients, and project offer usually prefer those who have some kind of relevant formal education. As much as this field offers independent language, coding, and skills learning on the internet, it is wise to give your portfolio an added advantage. Plus the relevant website development course will broaden your skills horizon, and you will be able to come up with quicker and smarter solutions to the problems that require a lot of critical thinking.

If you are looking forward to seeking career advancement in the corporate world, you will need a minimum of an associate degree while a bachelor’s degree in computer science will help you climb the career ladder quickly. However, if you are not looking forward to taking admission formally, then there are options of academies like App Academy and Code Academy that offer career-specific courses that help you build coding skills helping you enhance your beginner coding skills. Also, begin small and practice as much as you can so you can even start something on your own or go freelance.

3. Practice makes you perfect

Things do not always go according to the plan. As much as formal education is recommended to seek career advancement if somehow you are unable to follow the plan you can still pursue your career by working smart. There have been a lot of examples where famous website developers did not have a college education but reached the top by practicing specific skills. Set yourself to achieve all core skills necessary to at least start as a freelance developer. These core skills include mastering JavaScript, CSS, and HTML along with CSS frameworks including Bootstrap, Backbone, and Foundation. Also if you have decided to deal with back end development, then you need to be proficient in languages like PHP, Ruby, Linux, MySQL, and Java. Although the webpage development is evolving fast, most websites are built using one of these languages. Moreover, to start a company on your own, you need to be aware of the latest news and the related tools like SQL Server and Oracle.

Once you have learned all the basic components of coding and building, you need to put your skills into practice. Remember, you will not master everything instantly, but perseverance and determination will get you there. Many programmers have set up their profile on Github because it helps you get noticed by the employers. Many people are looking for freelance developers; some companies are also looking for part-time or full-time programmers for additional projects. It is recommended to create an account on Github and push code; this way they will know your skills and potential. Even when you are waiting for a project do not waste time worrying, instead keep trying new things by thinking critically about the page.

Moreover, if you have already made a webpage try making a mobile version of it or making an app. Do not feel afraid of creating websites on your own, even if they do not get you any money now they will serve to beef up your portfolio later. Also, do not forget to jump in to open source projects on GitHub, they provide a good source of practice and also get you noticed by right kind of people. Many companies are now looking for complete packages like pages, mobile pages, and apps, so their product always remains in the hands of the customers.

4. Launch yourself

Now that you have studied relevant field, developed core skills built some pages, and feel confident present your skills to the world. No matter how good your resume sounds, employers will not feel convinced unless they see what you have created. Make sure you put the pages that have clean, simple, yet effective coding to reflect your skills. Pages that are too complicated and take longer loading time are not usually appreciated by either clients or users. Your work should be able to present that you have the unique aesthetic sense to craft admirable front end, a user-friendly interface at the back end and a page that loads quickly presenting your full stack skills. Enchant your customers with your clever coding techniques and technical abilities. If you have created amazing landing pages, they are most likely to land you a job or at least a job interview. #jobsearch

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