Darlene Dyer
10 months ago

Looking to move to atlanta

I currently live in ohio. I've been doing unarmed sercurity for 4years trying to find an sercurity job in atlanta before I make that move.

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Anthony Harrington

Hi Darlene,

While not impossible, finding a job before you make a move is not super easy.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that many employers now use an Applicant Tracking System that automatically kicks out any resumes that don't fit predefined requirements; that typically includes addresses that are local. If you are applying from out of state, your resume may never have human eyes laid upon it.

Additionally, you will need to be able to interview in person, most likely, even if you pass an initial phone consultation. Will you be willing to make an ad-hoc trip to Atlanta to do in person interviews if asked?

Do you happen to know anybody already living in Atlanta whose address you could use for your resumes? This will help circumvent your resumes from being kicked out for not being local to the job listing.

If you do have a connection you can use for an address, then you may want to consider scheduling any in-person interviews over the course of a few consecutive days and plan a trip to Atlanta to attend the interviews.

Best of luck in your job search and I hope you land something before your move!