Eliseo Hernandez
about 1 year ago

Favorite story @ #HomeDepot

My very first week and orientation. February of 1991 I had the pleasure of having a dynamic district manager, very strong but lead by example everywhere he went, he bled orange! Well the story is we had about 20 new employees in that training and he went around the room asking everyone there personal story including the families, children and the names. At the the Most important question he asked was what do you want to achieve with the home depot in 5 years time and to reach high so I did; I said I wanted to be one of the first managers to open a store in Puerto Rico and everyone in the room laughed I smiled and said you told me dream big.

Every training class I repeated th same thing and you know what? At the end of 5 years a position was posted as an assistant Buyer for Puerto Rico which needed to be fluent in both languages verbally and written with ability to translate documentation. I presented my case to corporate management and I am proud to say I was the 2nd employee for the new Latin America Buying office out of Tampa Florida. So I did more than be a manager I was part of the biggest expansion at that time and did it with pride. No dream was too big in Home Depot for anyone at that time. Oh and the district manager at that time became a Buyer for Home Depot and we worked together very often.

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