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Construction Job

Hello to all jobcasers out there!! My name is Gifty, and I'm search of my ideal job as a construction worker. I know it sound crazy for a woman to want to work a construction job, but I have been looking drastically to land a construction gig. I have lots of experience in the restaurant industry and few experience in the construction industry but I love construction to the point that I feel it's time to invest in my ideal career field. On my 27th birthday I realized that I'm getting older and realize that if I don't go out their now in a field that interest me than when will I? I'm a young determinded female who interested in a construction position. I am a self­-motivated, creative, active, and hard working person. I am friendly, cheerful, outgoing, articulate, positive, expressive and have the ability to establish excellent professional relationship with my clients . I have a very strong organization skills and always pay attention to details. I can multi task and handle multiple phone calls. I'm a very fast learner and eager to learn new things to help me get better at my job. I am flexible, reliable, available, and dependable. I exude a professional manner and appearance. And I have excellent people person skills. I feel I will be the right fit for this industry.

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