Peter Rossi
over 6 months ago

Will I get a job consistent with my education and experience?

I just move to South Florida with my long time girlfriend who has a home near Ft. Lauderdale. I just put my resume online and have Ben applying for the areas that I have education and experience in. I work 23 years in law enforcement and retired as a lieutenant. I then ran and operated my own small business while I attended college full-time for six years earning two bachelor degrees and a Associate’s degree. My administration experience, public administration, political science BA’s along with my paralegal and law enforcement associates degrees are not getting me any interviews; only scammed. I’m getting close to interview for human resource positions and it turns out it’s a scam or American Income Life or AFLAC. Horrible how recruiters online do this by promising you an entirely different position in management. It’s awful. Any advice? I have a solid resume that covers the wide variety of tasks that I performed as an administrator/lieutenant and working with human resources/ training and recruitment. Any advice from a recruiter or some other professional 48 years old who is trying to reestablish a second career would be appreciated.

Phillip Addison

Peter Rossi the diving gear looks Awesome! I don't think you're going to experience too much success finding the type of job opportunity you are looking and qualified for online. I would focus more on networking opportunities and walk in information interviews.

Your level of career experience will often get misrepresented via the online application process. You will appear overqualified or not the right fit due to all your career diversity. Networking in a new town has it's challenges bu the online universe has made it easier to connect with professionals who can create new opportunities for you.

Use the popular sites (facebook, linked, twitter, etc.) and stop by the local career resource center. Those centers collaborate with local employers to recruit talented job candidates all the time. Then counselors might have a good leading waiting for you . Good Luck in Florida

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Matt Bornhorst

Hi Peter Rossi wow! That seems like a ton of great experience that you have. I think that actually might be the reason you aren't hearing back. Hear me out.

With the wide breadth of knowledge and expertise, it's not wonder that recruiters are struggling to place you. There's no focus or particular job you are looking for - you're just asking them to find you something that could fit. I would identify a few different jobs that you want to do, and divide up your resume into different versions for those positions. It's more work, but it should apply more of a emphasis on what you actually want to do, and how your experience translates to that.

Check out this conversation for some more tips and tricks on your resume. If you haven't gotten any real callbacks yet, that points to the resume being the issue.

I hope this helps! Best of luck in your search, the community is here for you!

Edward Norton

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