The greatest thing I enjoyed about working for #Championbarbingsaloon was

The first i'm going to say is my boss because he make things easy for all apprentices, he's my role model because he kills any style in few minute. I met a lot of great people because i like meeting good people because a lot of people that have travel abroad and white people also comes there to barb, is the place i first saw video call then when one white man came to barb and champion barbing saloon is busy place and also place of comfort which is making all the apprentices stay in unity, no quarrel no argument between us.
During my time there i'm the one always change the disk because different types of music for different customers,
Most of customers will send me out to buy them type of music i always play for them.
At champion barbing saloon the most painful day is my first week at work when i wanted to mix water with shaving powder but because i'm new to it then i poured too much water that day.
Happiest day at champion barbing saloon is when my boss called me to barb him, the day is a great day for me since then he took me to anywhere he wanted to go to.
My advice for anybody who want to learn at champion barbing saloon should please be calm and don't be lazy and he or she should be eager to do the difficulties should not fear any style because every master was once a beginner

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